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Apex Home Care, Inc. keeps in mind the uniqueness of every individual that we are serving. We see to it that they do not feel singled out and alone. We take into consideration every individual’s special condition, personality, and distinct tendencies but at the same time we make sure that they feel involved in the community. We highly regard the preservation of their dignity while also promoting social interaction for our individuals to prevent depression and isolation – which may eventually lead to institutionalization.

At Apex Home Care, Inc. every person gets the treatment that his/her condition requires and at the same time is being taught to make responsible choices, take roles in the society, and live harmoniously and happily with others.

DDA Program Services:

  • Community Residential Services
    Wherever our clients prefer to live, either in their own homes or in a residential facility, we can help them have the care providers that they need to keep safe and comfortable, and to meet their overall needs.
  • Personal Support
    We make sure that our clients are given the assistance that they need to maintain proper hygiene, observe nutritious diets, and ensure their safety from falls and accidents in their living environments.
  • Supported Living
    When our clients prefer to live in their own homes or apartments they lease or rent, we have care professionals who can help them. With this service, they can have support in their daily living activities, managing financial affairs, and more.
  • Day Habilitation
    Day habilitation services are person-centered and allow clients to be more involved within their communities, develop communication and social skills, while given ample support. For these reasons, they will also be given the chance to learn different skills and explore interests.
  • Community Development Services
    The goal of community development services is to make the clients comfortable and safe in their living environments while allowing them to develop and learn skills. This service is personalized based on the needs and preferences of each client. They will also be connected to resources that will allow them to socialize and partake better in the community.
  • Nursing Services
    For those who are in need of health assistance and monitoring, our nursing services are available for them. With the help of our nurses, our clients can have their oral and IV medications on time and with the right dosages. Their health changes will also be managed, monitored, and noted for the references of the clients’ physician.
  • Respite Care
    Respite care allows family caregivers to take a break. With the support of well-experienced care providers, they can rest easy that their loved ones are well taken care of. This service also allows family caregivers to take care of their other responsibilities outside their home without worrying about the welfare of their loved ones.
  • Transportation
    With our transportation services, we can make sure that our clients can get to their destinations safely and on time. Our drivers are licensed professionals who are prompt and have experience in driving for and assisting different individuals to and from their living environment.

Our team of health professionals will take care of individuals with dementia, Alzheimer’s, Down Syndrome, language delays, Parkinson’s, ADHD, ADD, personality disorders, learning disabilities, and all kinds of physical and intellectual developmental challenges. We make sure that every individual gets the respect they deserve.

We facilitate activities and conduct supportive home care programs where developmentally disabled individuals will be able to find fulfillment in being their own person as well as in the company of others. Here, they will feel loved for who they are and what they can become!

It has worked out for so many of our individuals. Give your loved one this great opportunity to live a normal life in his own unique way. Call us at Apex Home Care, Inc.240-206-9144. We look forward to helping you soon!

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