Our Mission Statement

Apex Home Care, Inc.’s mission is to help individuals with physical and intellectual developmental disabilities live a normal fulfilling life. We provide services that allows these individuals to take part in their community and reduce the feeling of isolation and depression. As much as possible, we give them guidance and access to support services so each individual can learn to appreciate their self-worth and take alternative paths that leads them to a better understanding of themselves and the world around them.

We believe our services potentially redefine the community structure for the unique individuals in our care. Despite their disabilities, we see them as their own person with special characteristics and capabilities they are yet to discover.

People with disabilities do not need assistance from who look at them differently, but rather people who sees beyond what is on the outside and lends out a helping hand. We believe kindness and empathy starts at Apex Home Care, Inc. – where our mission is exceeding the standard of care and assistance you expect for your loved ones.

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